Get the most from your college experience at Gannon University

If you or a loved one are considering college, you’ll find an affordable and enjoyable education at Gannon University.
Whether you’re passionate about all things engineering, computing, education, health care or another field of study, the perfect academic option awaits you at Gannon.
Whether you’re passionate about all things engineering, computing, education, health care or another field of study, the perfect academic option awaits you at Gannon. [ Gannon University ]
Published Feb. 2

Are you considering college? Not only will you need to think about the quality and affordability of your future alma mater, but you’ll want to make sure the degree you major in matches your interest and can land you a job post-graduation. Beyond academics, you’ll want to get the full college experience, one where you can create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

At Gannon University, you’ll find just that.

Pursuing higher education is about so much more than just earning a degree at Gannon. It’s also about the opportunities a college degree can open.

With bold academic programs and opportunities to learn outside the classroom, Gannon provides a range of majors that will prepare you for a career in today’s job market. There are also enhanced educational experiences, including internships and study abroad opportunities, that will equip you with the skills needed for success in your chosen field.

This is Gannon: The private Catholic university offers an abundance of undergraduate degrees at its home campus nestled in the beautiful downtown area of Erie, Pennsylvania, as well as graduate programs at its campus in sunny Ruskin, Florida. The university offers competitive financial assistance and degrees at a lower price compared to its regional competitors, so you’ll get a valuable education for less.

Whether you’re passionate about all things engineering, computing, education, health care or another field of study, the perfect academic option awaits you at Gannon. The university offers more than 100 in-person and online associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral programs. Each of the majors includes opportunities to work and learn in hands-on professional settings before students complete their degrees.

“Gannon encourages students to explore their career passions from day one and wants students to start building their resumes, so they’re fully prepared to apply for jobs when the time comes,” said Tom Camillo, director of undergraduate admissions at Gannon.

“Our students are continuously exposed to opportunities in the workforce relating to their major of interest. As a result, our students are routinely securing jobs in their career fields or continuing their education after earning their bachelor’s or associate degrees.”

The university reports that approximately 95 percent of 2020-2021 graduates received full-time employment in their fields or continued their education within six months of graduating.

Beyond the classroom, Gannon University provides an array of ways for students to get the most value from their degrees, including study abroad opportunities.

“There is not a single major at Gannon that does not allow for a learning abroad experience,” Camillo said.

Gannon offers semester exchange opportunities with partner institutions around the globe as well as annual service trips where students give back to those in need. There are also educational trips for course credit, such as experiencing Yellowstone National Park, studying biology in the Bahamas or stepping 4,000 years into the past at an archeological dig in Jordan.

Internships are key to getting students experience in their fields of interest and a foot in the door for future career opportunities. Gannon offers internship opportunities across all disciplines that can take place in settings as familiar as a student’s hometown or all over the globe, according to Camillo.

Gannon is regionally known for its educational expertise in health care and engineering as well as its involvement in and commitment to enhancing its surrounding communities. The university recently launched a multi-million initiative acting on this with the launch of Project NePTWNE, short for Nano & Polymer Technology for Water and Neural-Networks in Erie. This six-phrase project focuses on improving the water quality of nearby Lake Erie.

Project NePTWNE involves the current construction of the Center for Manufacturing and Technology within the university’s Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge to design and create technology to measure and mitigate microplastics found in Lake Erie and local waterways. Through local partnerships and the creation of a public health and policy program, the university is focused on meeting the needs of the community via education and outreach, acting on its call toward environmental sustainability.

Ultimately, what sets Gannon apart from other institutions of learning are the people who make up its diverse community and are committed to creating a valuable experience for every student.

“Gannon has been fortunate to have built a culture that really embraces the meaning of family,” Camillo said. “From administration to faculty to staff, we understand that our mission at the university is to serve the students and to prepare them to carry the same values into their lives as adults … Whether it’s through travel experiences, classroom interactions, clubs and organizations, discussion panels and forums or more, our students are encouraged to grow as individuals and learn from their peers who come from all walks of life.”

No matter the interest, an enriching academic journey and holistic experience awaits at Gannon University. Learn more about Gannon and the possibilities you can achieve at