Juggling Work and Life: Strategies for Finding Balance

Juggling Work and Life: Strategies for Finding Balance
Juggling Work and Life: Strategies for Finding Balance [ photo ]
Published Mar. 15|Updated Mar. 17

Work-life balance has been at the forefront of many people’s minds post-pandemic. When the world shut down in 2020, many of us became aware of how much we value our free time. As we started to ease back into our full-time jobs, it was startling to realize how little time we actually have for ourselves.

Working from home has been able to free up many people’s time by eliminating time spent commuting, but with many people returning to in-office jobs, the struggle to find work-life balance is at an all-time high. Here we are going to discuss some of the ways you can find that balance without sacrificing your performance at work. Keep reading for strategies that you can implement in your day-to-day life.

Career Planning

Many people have spent their time post-pandemic reevaluating their careers. What happened to the workforce in 2020 had a profound effect on anyone who held a job at the time. Service workers left their industry to find more stability in less people-focused roles, while others working corporate office jobs left to return to the low-pressure environment of the service industry. Regardless of which realizations you had in 2020, the consensus is that life is too short to spend your days working a job that drains you.

If you want to find a work-life balance long-term, you need to consider finding a position that doesn’t drain you, even when you’ve already clocked out for the day. If you tend to take your work stress home with you or find yourself lying awake at night agonizing over your next work day, consider changing career paths.

Realistically, work is something that you may never look forward to, but if you can find a position that is fulfilling and doesn’t drain you, your work-life balance will improve overnight. If you can leave your work-related woes at the office, you can start being productive and enjoying your free time as soon as you clock out — which we can all get on board with.

Work From Home

If you could continue working from home after the pandemic, or if you have always been in a work-from-home position, there are different strategies you’ll need to help you find a balance between your work and home life. While you are at a slight advantage over people who have to commute, there are also some disadvantages to working from home when it comes to work-life balance. Because your work and home are intertwined, it can be hard to separate the two. Let’s discuss some of the ways to keep the two separate.

Create a Home Office With Pepper Home

Creating a space in your home dedicated to work is a great way to achieve balance. If you have a spare room for a home office, utilize it by creating a motivating and productive environment. Get yourself the perfect desk and a comfortable office chair, and make sure you have a good backdrop for Zoom meetings.

Pepper Home’s custom curtains make a perfect backdrop for any online meetings you have with clients or coworkers. Then you can add any decorative touches to improve the space. And once you log off for the day, you can mentally leave your work in the office.

Once you have established an area of your home for work, try to stay there during your working hours. It can be tempting to change scenery throughout the day and switch to working from your kitchen or your patio, but this can be counterproductive. By working in areas that you would typically relax in, you could be inviting work stress into your safe spaces. Try to keep the two separate as much as possible.

Focusing Without a Home Office Thanks to Sunmed

If you do not have the space for a home office, you will have to work in the same space you relax and live in. While this is not ideal, there are still plenty of ways to make the spaces feel separate. You can use a room divider to separate your workspace from your bed, or if your space is really small, you can use a combination of rugs and wall art to make the spaces feel more separate.

If you struggle to fall asleep in the same space that you work in, edibles for sleep by Sunmed are helpful to prevent you from tossing and turning all night.

Making the Most of Your Time

One of the major things that can stand in the way of having a good work-life balance is all the passive tasks that need to be completed when you return from work. After a long day at the office, you have to return home to spend your free time doing laundry, washing dishes, cooking dinner, exercising, and more.

As someone who works from home, you should take advantage of your downtime. If you have a second between meetings, throw in a load of laundry or start prepping dinner. You can also eat your lunch while you work so you can spend your lunch hour getting in a workout, walking your dog, or grocery shopping. This way, you have less to do when you clock out and more time to spend with your family or doing the things you love.

Commuting to Work

If you are one of the many workers who was forced to return to the office post-pandemic, you have the advantage of keeping your home space clear from anything work-related. You also, however, have to deal with the time suck of commuting, not to mention the time spent getting ready for the day and planning and packing your meals. If you are working an in-person job, here are some ways to find balance.

Simplify Your Wardrobe With Johnny Was

Weekday mornings can be hectic. If you have to be at work by 8:00 and you commute for an hour, that leaves you little time to establish a routine while still getting a full eight hours of sleep. This is especially true for anyone with kids to get ready in the morning. One way to make things easier for yourself in the morning is by simplifying your wardrobe.

Having enough staple pieces that you can mix and match for work without doing laundry in the middle of the week is a must. Johnny Was has a great line of boho women’s clothing that is comfortable and stylish for a casual office environment. Or, if you are in a formal office environment, stick to a couple of suit sets that are in neutral colors that you can re-wear from week to week.

Enjoy Your Commute

Let’s face it; commuting is never going to be your favorite part of the day. Sitting in stop-and-go traffic when you just want to get home to your family and your sweatpants is one of the worst parts of working in an office. But there are things you can do to make your commute less miserable. Your daily commute can be a great way for you to wind down after a high-stress day. This can be especially helpful if you are coming home to a house with small children.

Even though you most likely love to see your kids at the end of the day, their high energy and loud screams are not always welcome when you’re exhausted. If this is the case, consider your commute your quiet time to yourself. You can also do things like make a playlist that helps you relax, find a podcast you can listen to week after week, or download an audiobook. Audiobooks are especially great if you can find a series that engages you. You may just find yourself looking forward to your commute so you can find out what happens next in your book.

Establish a Routine

Routines are important for anyone who leads a busy life, but this is especially true for those of us who work outside our homes. A solid routine is key to achieving a healthy work-life balance. It can be helpful to have a daily, weekly, and monthly routine in place. Your daily routine will include any tasks that need to be completed each day — for example, your daily task list might include packing lunches, cleaning the kitchen, or walking the dog.

Your weekly routine should include things that only need to be done once a week. This could include things like laundry, grocery shopping, and meal prep. Then your monthly routine will include things that you would like to accomplish each month. This could be deep cleaning, managing bills, or anything else that is important for your particular household.


You work hard for your money, so make sure you spend it on things that improve your life outside of work. Investing and saving for your future is important, but it is also important to splurge on yourself every now and then to make the hard work feel worth it. Here are some of our favorite ways to treat ourselves after a long work week.

Treat Yourself to Luxury Accessories With CRAFTD

When you are working hard for your money, you know the importance of spending it on high-quality items that will last for years to come. When it comes to treating yourself, leave fast fashion behind and make purchases that are worth spending your hard-earned money on. Indulge in the occasional luxury handbag, high-end suit, or a Cuban chain by CRAFTD when you feel like you need a reminder of why you work so hard.

Make Yourself Feel Special With Fleur du Mal

For us, self-care is all about finding ways to make ourselves feel special. After a long work week, take yourself out to a nice dinner, order UberEats, or bake your favorite dessert. Or, if you love a good spa day, get a quality face mask, some soothing bubble bath, and a set of luxury lingerie by Fleur du Mal to bring the spa to your home.

The important thing is that you are making time to relax and unwind when you are not working. This will help create a better balance in your life in addition to making yourself feel special.

Splurging on a Budget Thanks to Daniel’s Jewelers

Many people working full-time jobs don’t have enough disposable income to splurge on luxury items for themselves. If you want to invest in luxury pieces like jewelry, for example, credit jewelers by Daniel’s Jewelers have financing options for everyone. Using a financing system for luxury products allows you to treat yourself to the items you want, all while improving your credit score when you make payments on time.

Enjoy Your Days Off With TickPick

Another way to practice self care is by indulging in your hobbies when you have a day off. It can be tempting to spend the weekend on the couch watching Netflix, but doing something you love with friends is a more fulfilling way to spend your time. You can do anything from trying out a new restaurant to seeing your favorite artist in concert to watching your favorite sports live. If you’re into martial arts and want to see an in-person UFC fight, TickPick has great deals on UFC tickets in a city near you.

Taking Care of Your Health

If you didn’t know already, stress can wreak havoc on many of the body’s normal functions. Stress can affect your sleep, gut health, mental health, and more. When you are working long hours, it can be all too easy to slack off on your health-related needs. Let’s talk about some ways you can keep on top of your health with little time investment.

Daily Vitamins by JSHealth

Taking daily vitamins is the best way to ensure that you meet all of your daily needs regarding micronutrients. Taking a multivitamin will help to fill any nutritional gaps in your diet. You can also take vitamins that target specific deficiencies or areas that need more focus. Consult with your doctor if you suspect that you have any specific deficiencies. Even if you don’t have any specific deficiencies, you can still find targeted vitamins like these vitamins for clear skin by JSHealth that will help improve skin texture and appearance.

Energy Support From BUBS Naturals

If you struggle with energy levels throughout the workday or find yourself too exhausted on your days off to be productive, then you need a long-term solution. Instead of reaching for coffee after coffee, try attacking the problem at the source. This MCT powder by BUBS Naturals is a great supplement to help increase energy, improve mental clarity, and support gut health. The powder formula is easy to dissolve in hot or cold liquids, and it can help keep you energized in and out of the office.

Weekly Reset With Dr. Kellyann

Feeling like you need a total reset at the end of the work week is not uncommon. Sitting in an office chair for eight hours a day can make us feel like our health is out of our control. If you’re having a week where you feel like you are struggling more than usual, it’s time for a reset.

The 5 day cleanse by Dr. Kellyann is a great way to detoxify and restore your body, especially if you have a weight loss goal in mind. It is also great for anyone who is battling fatigue, so give it a try if you are feeling like you need some extra inspiration or a boost of energy.

Working on Your Feet With Kizik

If your job involves you being on your feet for long hours, you also need to make time to take care of your physical health in addition to your nutritional needs and energy levels. Having shoes with arch support, using compression socks, and even getting an occasional massage are all great ways to look out for your physical health.

Pregnant women especially need to be aware of this if they are working on their feet. The toll pregnancy takes on the body is already significant, but when you add working on your feet into the mix, the toll is greater. These pregnancy shoes by Kizik are great for working moms-to-be.

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Finding balance when you have a hectic work schedule can feel like a daunting task, but having a work-life balance is important for not just your overall happiness but for your mental health. It is possible to maintain your performance at work while still enjoying a thriving personal and social life if you take the right steps to care for yourself.

This may start with finding the right career for you, but it continues by putting in weekly work to keep yourself positive and upbeat. It is also important to remember that you know yourself best, so implement strategies that you know will work best for you. All it takes is some trial and error, and a great routine to find balance. starts here.