Throw the best bachelorette party ever at Florida Thunder

From time management to male revues, read Florida Thunder’s tips for throwing the best bachelorette party ever.
Planning a bachelorette party? Treat your bestie to an exciting evening at Florida Thunder (she will thank you).
Planning a bachelorette party? Treat your bestie to an exciting evening at Florida Thunder (she will thank you). [ Courtesy of Florida Thunder ]
Published July 17

Most bachelorette parties are unique and memorable occasions for the bride-to-be before her big day. But pulling off the event, in reality, can be stressful. Here, we’ll uncover the do’s and don’ts of planning a bachelorette party to make the process a whole lot smoother. Keep these tips in mind to have the best bash ever!

Personalize the party for the bride: First things first, this is a party for the bride-to-be, so make sure you know what she wants. Is she looking for a spa day or fancy dinner out? Does she want a casual evening in or to enjoy a male revue show? Cater the day to her preferences, even if you find out they’re different from your own. Take a similar approach to other considerations for the party, like food and drink, games and presents. Tailor the party to the bride-to-be and she’s sure to have a wonderful time.

Manage your time well: While some bachelorette parties can be filled to the brim with activities or a detailed itinerary, there isn’t always a need for so many events. Hanging out and being together should be the top priority. While planning the party, factor in the additional time for the little things, like a chat over snacks or running to the store for more soda. Remember, there will usually be at least one guest who runs late, so try to keep a buffer of 30 minutes for all activities. Be prepared to be flexible and keep in mind that everything will take longer than expected.

Be mindful of money: Have you ever attended a bachelorette party where you were perpetually handing out cash for some expense or another? You’re not the only one. The list of bachelorette party expenses can be unending if you’re not careful. Set a realistic budget for the bride-to-be and stick to it. You can ask invitees to share their low-cost activity ideas to accommodate every price point. Don’t feel bad if someone declines to attend.

Also, keep in mind who will pay for the bride-to-be’s portion. Ask all guests to pay their share well in advance. Sometimes a host will pay for everything upfront with plans to be reimbursed later, but it’s better to sort out costs before the drinks begin to flow.

Enjoy entertainment with a male revue show: When you hire a male stripper, it’s good fun for the bachelorette party, but why not keep the entertainment going all night long? Take the party to the next level with the professionally choreographed male revue show at Florida Thunder, where a very familiar movie star first made his stage debut, then performing under the name Chan Crawford. Later, he would “magically” rise to fame in a blockbuster male revue movie. Florida Thunder shows run for approximately two hours, and incorporate a variety of costumes and dance entertainment, all designed to wow the ladies.

Audience participation at Florida Thunder is key: With the Tampa club’s magical onstage experience, the bride-to-be is invited onto the stage to join in the performance, known as the Hot Seat, so she’ll get to be in the spotlight and the center of attention. You and your girls will enjoy an evening of choreographed dances, titillating stripteases, great music and handsome performers who will make the bride-to-be feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Planning a bachelorette party? Treat your bestie to an exciting evening at Florida Thunder (she will thank you). Shows typically run from 8-10 p.m. To learn more, visit Florida Thunder online. The club posts authentic photos of its venue and models on its website to give attendees an idea of what to expect on their special night out.