How $5 changed Adam Nasir’s life

Smarter Contact CEO Adam Nasir knows that the smallest actions can create a lasting impact.
Smarter Contact CEO Adam Nasir knows that the smallest actions can create a lasting impact. [ Courtesy of Adam Nasir ]
Published July 28

Six years ago, Smarter Contact CEO Adam Nasir discovered the power of a mere $5. What began as an unremarkable evening and a chance encounter turned into a life-altering moment.

Adam walked out of a CVS in St. Petersburg, Florida and crossed paths with James Brown, a homeless man struggling to find stability.

Adam, like many of us, was hesitant to help James without knowing his story. He struck up a conversation that lasted longer than expected, but ended with Adam giving James his business card and a seemingly insignificant $5 bill.

Ten months later, Adam received an unexpected email. Reading James’ words, he was moved.

“You took the time to ask me about myself, to offer encouragement, and a little conversation,” James wrote.

“Your words gave me hope and, at some point, I developed a renewed sense of purpose, perpetuated by the central belief that I could overcome any obstacle and become an asset, not a liability.”

Adam was surprised to learn about the impact he had on James. James expressed how Adam’s generosity and belief in him had reignited a sense of purpose. He had managed to overcome poverty, addiction and despair, discovering meaningful work and renewed self-worth.

Within those ten months, James carried Adam’s business card wherever he went – from the ghetto to jail cells, rehab facilities to homeless shelters, and even churches. At the end of his email, James proposed reconnecting.

Adam knew he had to reach out.

“I gave him $5. But more importantly, I gave him my time.”

Weeks later, Adam and James reunited at a Salvation Army facility in Tampa, Florida. Adam was blown away by James’ kindness and authenticity, but also by his stellar salesmanship. Compelled, he extended an invitation for a job interview.

“My ultimate life’s purpose is about giving and creating success,” Adam affirms.

At the end of their meeting, James surprised Adam with a $5 bill.

Adam’s decision to hire James for his company, Smarter Contact, proved to be life-changing for both of them. James, once destitute and struggling, became a successful professional, earning over $80,000 a year.

“I changed James’ life. But really, he changed mine,” Adam recalls.

His own perspective underwent a profound shift. The encounter with James, coupled with his challenging childhood, taught him the power of resilience and the power of giving back.

At age 8, Adam had left his native Morocco for the United States, starting a life in Tampa that would test his strength. His childhood was marred by a toxic and emotionally abusive stepfather.

“In those formative years, it’s poison. But I’m a victor, not a victim.”

Adam refused to let his difficult past define his future. All he wanted was to be successful and overcome the situation he was up against.

“I developed strength in that experience, and I used it for something positive. I poured all that pain, all that energy as an entrepreneur into my business, myself, my systems, my processes.”

“Driven by the pain that I feel, I built an unbelievable business.”

Adam now knows that the smallest actions can create a lasting impact. Each of us has the power to create change and leverage adversity for growth. A simple act of kindness, like a humble $5, can inspire hope and empower others.

Today, Adam is committed to helping others reach their full potential. He embraced his newfound purpose by adopting the last name Nasir, symbolizing a departure from his troubled past.

“Nasir, in Arabic, means ‘the eagle.’ It means ‘one who creates success for others.’ I changed my name after that interaction with James. So, really, $5 changed my life.”

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