Reach more local customers with MyTBtickets, your free one-stop ticketing service

Reach more local customers with MyTBtickets, your free one-stop ticketing service
Reach more local customers with MyTBtickets, your free one-stop ticketing service [ photo ]
Published Feb. 7

Are you organizing an event in the Tampa Bay area? Don’t settle for the impersonal service of a national ticketing platform where you’re just another number. With MyTBtickets, a free one-stop local ticketing service powered by the Tampa Bay Times, you’ll enjoy friendly customer service from our bay area team and hyperlocal event marketing at no cost to you. Selling tickets to your next event has never been easier!

“Think of us as a local Ticketmaster,” said Trisha Randall, manager of MyTBtickets. “We are here (in Tampa Bay), so the customer service that event organizers are getting is much better than any other national company. (Plus) these national services are not marketing your events to the local audience, who are your ticket buyers.”

Here’s how it works: The MyTBtickets online portal gives venues and event creators like you everything you need to create a free, beautiful ticketing event page in just minutes. The service is fully customizable, allowing users to customize their event’s description, date, time, location, ticket levels, seating floor plan and listing photos. Published event pages appear online at, where local customers can purchase tickets. Event pages can be linked to organizers’ ads, QR codes and social media posts for further promotion.

MyTBtickets also offers an easy-to-use mobile app that helps venues and event creators track ticket sales and check people into events digitally.

“The portal is very easy to understand, and the app really makes things a lot easier. It’s free technology that the event organizer doesn’t have to build on their own website,” Randall said. “This is turnkey for smaller venues in the area that have never used ticketing before. It’s not intimidating at all.”

Best of all, no other ticketing platform gives you the power of promotion like MyTBtickets. When you partner with the platform, you also get thousands of dollars in free promotions across the bay area on and in the weekly tbt* Weekend section inside the Wednesday print edition of the Tampa Bay Times. Your event is also promoted on Facebook and the MyTBtickets email database for free.

“We have a very large local audience that is constantly looking for things to do in our area,” said Randall. “We promote these events in our products throughout the week.”

If you’re hosting a ticketed event of any size, big or small, MyTBtickets can simplify the process for you. From larger events like concerts and conferences (MyTBtickets recently processed thousands of tickets for The Junior League of Tampa’s popular Holiday Gift Market) to small business gatherings, classes or private member-only events, MyTBtickets is your one-stop, no-hassle local ticketing solution. The platform can also be used for free events to help your organization build a database of attendees and inform them about future free or paid events.

Ready to streamline the ticket-selling process? Visit for more information or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the website to get started. starts here.


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