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  1. Dr. Christopher Baker, a Florida orthopedic surgeon, is seeing improved patient experiences after surgery with Exparel®, a non-opioid pain reliever.
  2. Erik Roberto, pioneer of the edge-up hairline.
  3. Jonathan Gerow, widely known scalp micropigmentation specialist.
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    Entrepreneur Mark Z's motto is "It's not how much you make, it's how you invest the money you make."
  5. Entrepreneur Dimitriy N. Mishin believes relationships are the lifeblood of business success.
  6. Workday refresh at EveryDay Success Team in Miami.
  7. Total K9 specializes in training of protection dogs, and in matching them to the right owners.
  8. Nicola Atzei, leader in the fitness and bodybuilding community.
  9. Roberto Maggio, IT guru, says when it comes to standing apart from the competition, it’s the team that counts.
  10. Alex Arabov, right, founder of Vobara, hip-hop-centric jewelry of Miami.
  11. Brad Ahn, founder, Ahn Fire Digital.
  12. Entrepreneur and author Kris Krohn believes success means having it all – health, wealth, and relationships.
  13. Entrepreneur Jon Torres encourages business owners and other entrepreneurs to dedicate themselves to lifelong learning.
  14. Ruti Gomes shares secrets of staying relevant in a post pandemic world.
  15. The "original wrap girl," Pam Sowder – motivational speaker, entrepreneur and author.
  16. Improving fitness starts with what you eat, and you can control that with savvy substitutions, while maintaining flavor, says keto guru Martina Slajerova.
  17. A sampling of RawGear's workout-ready, on-trend and comfortable clothes.
  18. The luxurious pool at Tampa EDITION.
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    A custom kitchen renovation can transform your home, and the way you live in it.
  20. Concept of a home energy storage system.
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    Solar panel.
  22. The waterfront views at the Ritz-Carlton Residences Tampa are unmatched.