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Why Rays hitters Austin Meadows and Brandon Lowe can argue about this forever

Whose homer went longer or was hit harder doesn’t really matter when they reached rare air of upper deck.

TORONTO - Austin Meadows and Brandon Lowe can argue about whose went further for a long time, because it really doesn't matter who, or if anyone, wins.

"Its tough to say,'' Meadows said. "We're just going to keep going back and forth at it, regardless.

Both had a hand in history in Friday's wild 11-7 win over the Blue Jays, launching the 21st and 22nd homers ever hit into the 500 level upper deck during 31 seasons of play at the Rogers Centre (and formerly SkyDome).

There'd never been two in the same game before, much less the in the same inning or off the same pitcher (rookie Trent Thornton). And only three of the first 20 were done by lefty hitters.

The StatCast estimates were nearly identical:

Meadows: 436 feet, 31 degree launch angle, 110.2 mph exit velocity.

Lowe: 436 feet, 31 degrees, 114.3 mph.

Fox Sports reporter Tricia Whitaker went to the upper deck and said both hit in the fourth row of seats.

"I think we'll both be happy with 436 for both of us,'' Lowe said. "I'm sure neither of us will be upset, but we'll josh back and forth over whose was hit harder or whose went farther.''

Added Meadows: *I think he hit his harder than mine. His was a little lower, mine maybe went farther. I know we both him them very well.''

Adding to the evening, both also hit another homer for their first multi-homer games in the majors.

Meadows, who has been sizzling with four homers and a 10-for-15 run over his last three games. said it was the best blast he's had.

"i felt that's about as far as I can hit it honestly,'' Meadows said. "So it felt good.''

Lowe went the modest route. "It felt good,'' he said. "As far as farthest, I don’t hit enough to know. It felt good and it went pretty far.''

Here is the complete list of the 500-level homer club, lefties marked with #:

Player, team Date Opponent

Jose Canseco, A’s 10/7/89* Jays, Mike Flanagan

Mark McGwire, A’s 7/25/96 Jays, Huck Flener

Joe Carter, Jays 7/27/96 A’s, John Wasdin, A’s

Carlos Delgado#, Jays 7/19/98 Yankees, Andy Pettitte

Jose Canseco, Jays 9/5/98 Red Sox, Bret Saberhagen

Jose Canseco, Rays 4/12/99 Jays, Graeme Lloyd

Shawn Green#, Jays 4/22/99 Angels, Tim Belcher

Manny Ramirez, Red Sox 6/3/01 Jays, Chris Carpenter

Raul Mondesi, Jays 4/17/02 Red Sox, Darren Oliver

Josh Phelps, Jays 8/29/02 Yankees, Roger Clemens

Josh Phelps, Jays 7/7/04 Mariners, Julio Mateo

Gary Sheffield, Yanks 7/28/04 Jays, Miguel Batista

Vernon Wells, Jays 9/16/04 Orioles, Rodrigo Lopez

Jayson Werth, Phillies 6/27/09 Phillies, Brad Mills

Shelly Duncan, Indians 5/31/11 Jays, Jo-Jo Reyes

Edwin Encarnacion, Jays 4/30/13 Red Sox, Jon Lester

Mike Napoli, Red Sox 8/26/14 Jays, Sergio Santos

Edwin Encarnacion, Jays 4/21/15 Orioles, Jason Garcia

Alex Dickerson#, Padres 7/25/16 Jays, Bo Schultz

Josh Donaldson, Jays 5/30/17 Reds, Asher Wojciechowski

Austin Meadows#, Rays 4/12/19 Jays, Trent Thornton

Brandon Lowe#, Rays 4/12/19 Jays, Trent Thornton