Evan Longoria: Winning can keep Rays together

Evan Longoria
Evan Longoria
Published Jul. 19, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS — The Rays resumed play Friday under what Evan Longoria said was a basic premise, that if they keep winning they can significantly reduce the chances of ace David Price being traded by the July 31 deadline.

But manager Joe Maddon said the logic was right but the conclusion "not necessarily" valid.

"It's hard to argue with that kind of logic although I don't know (executive vice president Andrew Friedman's) overall motivation with this going forward," Maddon said.

"Because even if we keep winning if the other teams keep winning and there's still space maybe it's perceived in a different way, I don't know. I do talk to Andrew all the time, but when it comes down to those moments he just leaves me alone to do the day with the team."

The Rays started Friday eight games back of the second American League wild card, 9½ back in the division race.

"I want to win and win quickly so we can kind of erase all the talk and what we're going to do with David and what's going to be the state of the team after the deadline," Longoria said.

"I don't see them trading him if we still have a chance. And hopefully we can go out there and … kind of take the decision out of their hands, and just make it, 'Hey, these guys are in the race and we can't give up one of the best puzzle pieces.' "