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Gerald McCoy: “I’ll be playing football somewhere.’’

The Bucs defensive tackle sounded less-than-optimistic of his return to Tampa Bay

TAMPA — Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy didn’t sound very optimistic about his return to the Bucs this season but made it clear he will be playing somewhere in the NFL in 2019.

"I will be playing football somewhere,'' McCoy said at the Dick Vitale Gala Friday when interviewed by SpectrumSports 360 host Mike Cairns.

When asked specifically if he would be playing in Tampa Bay, McCoy shrugged. "I don’t know. We’ll see,'' McCoy said.

Cairns then asked McCoy what interaction about his future has he had with fans.

"You know, just here to be supportive tonight,'' McCoy said. "Fans know I love them. I’ll be on the field at some point.''

Coach Bruce Arians and general manager Jason Licht have been ambiguous about McCoy’s future with the Bucs. McCoy had six sacks and led the team with 21 quarterback hits last season, but Arians has stated he’s not as disruptive as he was four years ago. The biggest issue is his salary. McCoy is owed $13-million in 2019.

Last week, McCoy took to Instagram and blasted detractors who questioned why he wasn’t attending the Bucs’ voluntary off-season workout program.

“Cinco de Mayo,'' McCoy said in the Instagram video. "Everybody out, probably getting ready to drink, probably drinking right now. No matter. You want to question me? See what I do on Cinco de Mayo. I work. I work.

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“And I’ve got my kids with me. How many people doing that? All-Pro on and off the field. Want to question me? ‘Is he going to be ready? Does he love football?’ What? Y’all crazy. Lost y’all mind. I work. Don’t you ever question me."