Gerald McCoy tells Bucs fans he ‘will be back’ in Instagram post

McCoy made the promise in a video set to the theme from Tim Burton’s 1989 ‘Batman’ film.
Gerald McCoy tells Bucs fans he ‘will be back’ in Instagram post. [Instagram]
Gerald McCoy tells Bucs fans he ‘will be back’ in Instagram post. [Instagram]
Published May 22, 2019|Updated May 22, 2019

If defensive tackle Gerald McCoy harbored any hard feelings toward his rather unceremonious exit following nine seasons with the Bucs, he didn’t show it in an Instagram video posted two days after his release.

McCoy, released as expected on Monday after it became apparent he wouldn’t be retained by new coach Bruce Arians, channeled his Superhero persona while thanking fans and vowing he “will retire as a Buc” during the 2-minute long video.

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McCoy, a Batman fan who even owns a black Rolls Royce with the familiar emblem on the hood, introduced the video with the theme from the 1989 Batman film playing and a close-up of the logo on his chest.

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The camera pans up, and McCoy pulls a workout jersey away from his sweaty face — presumably after a hard workout — and that familiar wide smile, head bobbing to the pulsating theme.

McCoy eschewed a “long extended goodbye” and emotional send-off, rather focusing on thanking the fans as well as the team’s owners for nine years in Tampa Bay.

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“Starting with the Glazer family. You guys changed my life forever, making me a Buccaneer,” McCoy said. “I grew up a Buccaneers fan, a Warren Sapp fan, and just loving the organization. You all changed my family’s life forever. I’m forever grateful for that.”

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He then thanked the local media while turning his attention to the fans — “the ones who loved me, the ones who hated me.”

“I love everybody,” McCoy said. “To all the fans who supported me regardless, the ones who will continue to support me regardless. I love you guys.”

Then a promise that may not seem all that realistic at the moment:

“I am a Buccaneer forever and I will be back,” McCoy said. “I will retire as a Buc.”