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Bucs uniform redesign: An option so crazy it just might work

Shiver me timbers! Stripes?! Oh, yeah. We went there.
Since the Bucs redesigned their uniforms in 2014, they are 32-60, the third-worst record in the NFL. Coincidence? [STEPHEN B. MORTON | Associated Press]

The #FixTheBucsUnis movement continues its advance. Today, Tampa Bay Times page designer Sean Kristoff-Jones shares his fearless vision for the next set of Buccaneers uniforms.

Miss our first mockup? Find it here.

Want to get involved? Go to and download the uniform template. Share your design on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FixTheBucsUnis, or email it to Soon, we’ll publish a selection of your redesigns at and in the Times.

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The uniform a team wears isn’t merely a fusion of colors and numbers. It symbolizes much more, not only to the team but also to the lifelong fans. That was the driving force through my creative process.

My proposal for the Bucs’ home uniforms:

Red or pewter? How about both? [SEAN KRISTOFF-JONES | Times]

And for their away uniforms:

We ditched the white jersey-white pants combination the Bucs usually wear on the road. We doubt the offensive linemen will miss it. [SEAN KRISTOFF-JONES | Times]

I chose to change the Bucs’ helmet color to black because, as cheesy as it may sound, I was influenced by the projectiles pirates once used to defend their ships: cannon balls. Seeking to capture the true essence of a Buccaneer, I simplified the team’s primary logo to match a pirate’s black skull-and-bones flag.

I wanted to preserve the uniqueness of Tampa Bay’s current uniform — the red-and-pewter color scheme — so, inspired by the old style of pirate attire, I incorporated red and pewter stripes into the home jersey design and red and white stripes into the away jersey design. I also wanted to replace the orange but still pay homage to the Bucs’ past, so I added touches of “old gold.” The gold not only represents the Bucs’ achievements but also symbolizes their push toward victory! After all, what’s a Buccaneer without his treasure?

UPDATE, DEC. 9: The talented Angus O’Keefe sends us his photorealistic spin on Kristoff-Jones’ design:

Bonus: You could wear these jerseys to the Gasparilla Pirate Festival every January. [ANGUS O'KEEFE | Special to the Times]

Find out more about O’Keefe and his interest in uniform design here.

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