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Could the Bucs’ classic creamsicle uniforms make a return? Bruce Arians says yes.

Arians says a change in the “one-shell rule” could allow the Bucs to bring back their fan-favorite throwbacks as soon as 2021.
Quarterback Josh Freeman and the Bucs defeated the Packers in their throwback uniforms in 2009. [Tampa Bay Times]

TAMPA — Is this real life? First, the Bucs sign Tom Brady. And now, a possible return of the creamsicle throwbacks?

Bucs coach Bruce Arians alluded to that Wednesday morning on The Dan Patrick Show.

Patrick asked him about the Bucs’ new uniforms for this upcoming season, which should be unveiled within the next month, telling Arians that he was a fan of the team’s original orange, white and red uniforms worn for the franchise’s first two decades.

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And while the Bucs aren’t bringing back those uniforms — with the knife-biting pirate on the helmet — Arians said there’s a possibility that the team returns to wearing the throwbacks as soon as 2021.

“I think once the helmet rule changes next year, we might have some creamsicles and some throwbacks, which I think are the best uniforms in the league,” Arians said.

The Bucs used to wear the creamsicle uniforms once a year for a throwback game, but the one-shell rule enacted in 2013 limits players to just one helmet per season, citing that changing helmets shells may leave players more susceptible to head injuries.

When the Bucs wore the throwbacks, they also sported a second helmet, so after the rule was enacted, it meant the end of the creamsicle.

Paul Gruber was a stalwart for the Bucs in the creamsicle uniforms and the pewter uniforms. [Times]

Though the Bucs are not going to exactly mimic the originals, Arians said the new uniforms will be “really, really sharp, more classical.”

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Patrick argued that it’s really all about Brady, and that Brady would certainly look better in the orange and white.

“Gisele likes the creamsicle,” Patrick deadpanned, referring to Brady’s supermodel wife.

“I’m with you,” Arians said. “We’ll just have to wait a year.”

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