Tom Brady has arrived in Tampa Bay, moving into Derek Jeter’s mansion

The 30,000-square foot waterfront home on Davis Islands will be the new residence for the Bucs quarterback.
Derek Jeter's house on Davis Islands isn't too shabby of a temporary home if you're Tom Brady and family. [ Times ]
Updated Apr 3, 2020

TAMPA — Tom Brady had plenty of options when deciding where to live after signing with the Bucs.

Tampa. ... St. Petersburg.

He chose St. Jetersburg.

Brady has arrived in Tampa Bay and is in the process of moving his family into the sprawling, 30,000-square foot mansion on Davis Islands built by Yankees Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter, the Tampa Bay Times has confirmed. The home, which the Brady family is renting, features seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an entertainment room and billiards room that wraps around a pool with two boat lifts providing access to Tampa Bay. The house is nearly 22,000 square feet heated, and nearly 33,000 overall.


The estimated value, per Hillsborough County tax records (which tend to be conservative), is $14,020,436. The 2019 tax bill — after the homestead exemption — was $226,751.78, more than what a lot of folks paid for their home.

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So what would it cost to rent Jeter’s house?

Probably at least $75,000 a month, unless No. 2 gave No. 12 a buddy bargain on the big house, as they both are Michigan men.

The street view from Derek Jeter's home on Davis Islands on Thursday.
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“There are not many homes in the Tampa Bay market that exist like this, and even fewer that might be available for rent,” said Jennifer Zales, a Coldwell Banker agent who deals with many professional athletes. “In this case, you had a pre-existing relationship among the parties that could presumably affect the rental amount. But homes I have listed in the past of this scale could ask $75,000 a month or more.”

The street in front of the Brady/Jeter manse was relatively quiet Thursday afternoon, with a single white car parked outside one of the garages. The gates were locked, though someone (Tom? Gisele?) had put out the garbage cans.


Walkers, skaters and bikers went by, one man offering to folks in slow-moving car, “Are you looking for Tom Brady?” When the driver said not today, the biker said, “Right over there,” and pointed to the house. A few golf carts with neighborhood families also passed by.

Jeter’s house was built in the early 2010s and he lived there for a while. But since taking over as chief executive officer and part owner of the Miami Marlins in 2017, Jeter and his family have been living in south Florida.

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It’s big enough that the Bucs could probably have some team sessions there. Former Rays manager Joe Maddon once joked that the team could build a new stadium on the site.

Brady signed a two-year, $50 million contract with the Bucs two weeks ago that includes nearly $9 million in performance incentives. Jeter was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame class of 2020 in his first year of eligibility.

And in case you’re wondering, Brady’s drive to work from Davis Islands to the AdventHealth Training Center is about 7.3 miles and should take around 20 minutes, depending on the time of day.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood on Davis Islands. But, alas, no Tom Brady sighting Thursday.
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