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Tom Brady on Bruce Arians: ‘My game is not infallible’

The Bucs quarterback told NFL Network he wants to be coached hard.
“There’s nothing about me or my game that’s infallible," Tom Brady said. "I’m a player like everybody else."
“There’s nothing about me or my game that’s infallible," Tom Brady said. "I’m a player like everybody else." [ DANNY KARNIK | AP ]
Published Dec. 26, 2020

TAMPA ― It’s true that Bill Belichick and Bruce Arians are on opposite sides of the coaching spectrum when it comes to temperament.

But that doesn’t mean Tom Brady hasn’t made the adjustment, and he made that clear prior to Saturday’s game at Detroit.

Arians has been publicly critical of Brady’s mistakes this season. The Bucs quarterback has nine touchdown passes and nine interceptions against teams with a winning record.

But Brady expects to be coached hard.

“Working with B.A. has been really great for me in a very different way,” Brady told former teammate Willie McGinest of the NFL Network. “You know, he’s very tough on you when things aren’t the way they need to be.

“There’s nothing about me or my game that’s infallible. I’m a player like everybody else, so I’m trying to be coached and I think the team has very high expectations for me. So when I don’t meet those, he should be (ticked) at me and rightfully so. I know I’m more (ticked) at myself, but when you hear it from your coach, too, you know, it does motivate you.”

Brady hit on several other topics.

The abundance of offensive weapons

“I think that’s kind of the easy way out, to be honest,” Brady said. “Just because you think we’re talented, we’ve all had production, let’s just roll our helmets out there and we’re going to win. I think that’s actually not the case.

“Mike (Evans) is a spectacular player. Chris (Godwin) is a spectacular player. Antonio (Brown) is a spectacular player. But it doesn’t mean, okay, great, you should just go out and figure things out. That’s not the way football works. It’s too difficult.”

The play of tight end Rob Gronkowski

“When he starts strutting on the field, you know he’s feeling really good,” Brady said. “He’s a beast. His ability has been unmatched.”

Mentoring Antonio Brown

“I watched Antonio play a long time and thought he was a spectacular player,” Brady said. “Any time you meet different people in your life and think you can be a mentor in some way, that’s something I’ve always enjoyed as a quarterback. Because I’m older than basically everybody at this point. I’ve had a lot of guys that are a lot younger going through circumstances that I went through when I was their age, too. ... When I look back on my career, it’s having fun, the relationships I have, it’s a big part of the reason I play football.”