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Remember USF’s logo debacle? Auburn is doing the same thing.

The Tigers began rolling out new logo but stalled after public backlash. Sound familiar?

USF made headlines earlier this year when it abandoned the new logo it spent $1 million after a lot of blowback. It turns out the Bulls are in good company.

Auburn has paused its plans to redo its “visual identity system.” That visual identity system might look like a logo and sound like a logo, but it most assuredly is not a logo, apparently.

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Anyway, the Tigers spent at least $30,000 on consulting as it looked into the change, according to 247Sports. The change is extremely, extremely subtle and eliminates some white space between the A and the U. I had to look really, really hard to find the change … kind of like the minute differences USF to its Bull logo made in March.

Like at USF, Auburn fans weren’t happy with the new logo — I mean visual identity system. Now the move is on hold, even after the Tigers had already put it on a new building.

We’ll see if this new Auburn shield ever becomes a permanent fixture, or whether it follows the lead of the ill-fated academic Bull.