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Bucs at Panthers: What they're saying

Published Nov. 19, 2012

Bucs coach Greg Schiano, on the comeback:

"They trusted their training. They trusted each other."

Bucs safety Ronde Barber, on the victory:

"Coach Schiano puts a lot of emphasis on the things that we do right every single day and it will pay off for us at the end. Today was a great example of that."

Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, on his team holding fourth-quarter leads in five of its eight losses this season:

"We just have an uncanny ability to lose at the end. This, obviously, takes the cake."

Bucs running back Doug Martin, on the conversation in the huddle before the tying touchdown drive:

"We go through the same situations in practice. Everybody was calm and collected."

Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis, on the helmet-to-helmet penalty called against him during the Bucs' tying drive:

"Listen to me. It's ridiculous how they wait and see if a guy is going to lay down on the field before they make a call. … You can't play defense anymore because they're looking around to see if a guy is going to lay down on the field. Clearly, you can see I went in low. My shoulder tried to get under his shoulder. Then he laid down on the field, and they called a penalty. It's ridiculous."

Panthers coach Ron Rivera, on Davis' penalty:

"I understand that it's about safety. It's tough because Thomas just came and made a football play. It's hard because at that point are we supposed to miss him and let him catch the ball clean? The receiver is going down. Thomas is coming across. How are we supposed to make plays on that? Thomas didn't hit him helmet to helmet. That much I'll say. The referee made a judgment call. We have to live with it."

Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman, on the touchdown and two-point conversion passes to Vincent Jackson that forced overtime:

"A lot of guys had to do a lot of things for me to connect with Vincent. It was all the way from the coaching staff down to the players going out and executing."

Freeman, on winning the coin toss before overtime:

"Andrew Economos did a great job of calling the play."

Bucs tight end Dallas Clark, on his winning touchdown:

"You've got to love it when the linebacker swears as you're heading upfield."

Panthers defensive end Charles Johnson, via Twitter, on the loss:

"Some people study and work harder than others, and they get exposed."

Pat Yasinskas,

"It wasn't a particularly pretty win against a bad team, but the Bucs remain very much in the playoff hunt. With 138 rushing yards and four receptions for 23 yards, Doug Martin continues to make his case for NFL offensive rookie of the year. I feel pretty confident I can make a strong case that Martin has had a bigger impact than Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III."

Tom Sorensen, Charlotte Observer:

"If you want to attribute the loss to one man, it's Rivera. Rivera is as overmatched as a head coach as his defense tends to be late in a game."

Chris Burke,, via Twitter:

"Bucs. Incredible."