Bucs QB Mike Glennon continues to regress

Mike Glennon is not giving much indication of being a QB that you build around. [AP photo]
Mike Glennon is not giving much indication of being a QB that you build around. [AP photo]
Published Nov. 3, 2014

Worst position

The Bucs lose again and, as always, it wasn't just one thing. You could point at players, coaches and, if you want to be whiny, an official or two. But let's face facts: This is a quarterback league and, right now, the Bucs just aren't good enough at quarterback.

In a league where you have to score three TDs to give yourself a chance, the Bucs haven't scored more than 17 points in six of their eight games. And though they aren't loaded with playmakers, QB Mike Glennon is regressing.

Glennon appeared to be making strides. But he has never been spectacular, and now he has had a couple of clunkers in a row. It wouldn't be surprising if coach Lovie Smith turned back to Josh McCown if McCown is healthy. The Bucs would be better off sticking with Glennon to see if he is the future. However, he is not giving much indication of being a QB that you build around.

Not so special

Once again, the Bucs special teams were horrible.

The Bucs had a field goal blocked. That's three points. They had a punt blocked that led to a Browns touchdown. That's six points. They jumped offside on a Browns field goal, and the Browns scored a TD three plays later. That's four points. Do the math. That's 13 points. The Bucs lost by five.

Maybe that's why it is easy to add the number of victories: one.

Worst drive

Please explain the play-calling on the Bucs' final drive. They had second and 1 at the Cleveland 37 and, instead of running to pick up the first, they threw on second, third and fourth downs. On fourth, Mike Evans was called for offensive pass interference and they were forced to throw again. That, too, was incomplete. Of course, the Bucs would have picked up the first had Vincent Jackson not dropped a pass. Again.

Three things that popped into my head

1. I still wish the Bucs had drafted QB Johnny Manziel in the spring, but they did pick a guy who already is a heck of a football player. Evans caught seven passes for 124 yards and looks to be a dominant No. 1 receiver.

2. GM Jason Licht and Smith get a failing grade for their free agent class. C Evan Dietrich-Smith and DT Clinton McDonald have been average. Anthony Collins is hurt but has had a bad season. CB Alterraun Verner was toasted regularly by the Browns. And DE Michael Johnson was so invisible that we had to look up whether or not he dressed for Sunday's game. (Yes, he dressed. No, he didn't do a darn thing.)

3. Time to give the starting RB duties to Bobby Rainey over injured Doug Martin. There's no question the Bucs run much better when Rainey is in the game.

Final thought

You want Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota?