Flowchart: Which Bucs jersey should you wear? And what rules should you follow?

Published Oct. 14, 2016

Has Carolina got you feeling better about the Bucs? Maybe not as good as after the opener against Atlanta, but better still.

Finally, it's safe again to wear your Bucs gear in public. You even might be weighing a larger commitment — a brand new jersey.

Before you drop $107 and slip the mesh over your shoulders, there are some things to consider. A jersey, after all, is pretty much the most important purchase you'll ever make, right after a house and car.

It's a big decision, one fraught with risk. The jersey you choose is more than a show of support for your favorite player. Whether it's a Michael Vick, Ray Lewis or Jameis Winston jersey, you're making a statement. You're telling others what is important to you.

Choosing the jersey that best fits you is complicated, but we're here to help.

A couple of rules:

• Personalized jerseys: Don't put your name on the back. You're watching a football game, not attending a fantasy camp.

• Counterfeit jerseys: You're not fooling anyone when you buy a counterfeit jersey on the cheap. The colors, the fonts — they're wrong, and everyone sees it. Don't be that guy. Consider a name and number shirsey (retail price: $32) instead.

And now, on to the chart (right-click for a larger view) …

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