Glennon big part of Bucs' problems

Published Dec. 23, 2013

Biggest question

The Bucs have one week left in the season, which means we have only one more chance to see Mike Glennon and determine if he is the quarterback of the future.

I realize this offense has been beaten up by injuries and there are backups all over the place, but this unit is so pathetic that it's hard to throw any confidence behind Glennon.

Is he a rookie? Yes.

Will he get better with time? Maybe a little.

Are all of the offensive woes his fault? No.

But he's a big part of the offense's ineffectiveness.

Here's the real question: Should the Bucs stick with Glennon after this season? I wouldn't. At the very least, the Bucs need to bring in someone, either a first-round pick or a proven veteran at quarterback who can start right away.

Dumbest play

You have to wonder if Bucs safety Dashon Goldson simply isn't a bright person. How else can you explain picking up personal foul penalties for the same infraction over and over and over again? He has already racked up $400,000 in fines and was suspended a game for repeated shots to the head. He picked up another one of those Sunday. Maybe all of those hits to the head are knocking him silly.

If I was the NFL, I would suspend him again because he just doesn't get it.

Just wondering

Have you ever seen a team have so many second and longs as the Bucs? And have you ever seen a team so consistently run the ball on those second and longs? You get the feeling the Bucs have used this entire season to set up a throw on second and long in next week's season finale.

Worst line

At one point during the broadcast, Fox announcer Thom Brennaman said, "We have a good one here in St. Louis." Brennaman is an excellent announcer, but there was nothing good about this game. Close? Yeah. Good? No way.

Three things that popped into my head

1. Late hits. Lots of smack talk. Shoving the ball in the face of the opponent. The Rams act pretty big and bad for a team that is below .500. If you're a lousy team with a coach who is on the competition committee, the least you can do is play with a little class.

2. This just in: The Rams just recorded another sack. Yikes, left tackle Donald Penn and the Bucs offensive line were absolutely abused by St. Louis and defensive end Robert Quinn. The Rams had seven sacks, and Quinn had three of them to set the Rams record with 18.

3. The Bucs offense is crummy, but the organization is certainly getting its money's worth from Vincent Jackson. The receiver's about the only threat to defenses, yet he still manages to get open and make plays.

Final thought

Thank goodness we only have to sit through one more of these dumpster fires.