What does Bucs' win streak mean?

Published Nov. 18, 2013

Take it easy. The Bucs have now won two in a row against a couple of junior varsity teams, the Dolphins and Falcons. So let's not pat each other on the back just yet. Okay, I'm kidding. Sort of.

Victories are victories in the NFL no matter how you get them and no matter who you play. Still, the two victories against a couple of teams in disarray do make you wonder what this all means.

Does this mean the Bucs are improving? Does it mean coach Greg Schiano has a chance to save his job? Does it mean Mike Glennon has a shot at being this team's long-term quarterback?

The answer to all of those questions is absolutely. But upcoming games against the Lions, Panthers, 49ers and Saints will give us a much better indication of where this team, this coach and this quarterback stand.

Playing to win

Onside kicks. Halfback passes. Fake punts. All-out punt blocks. Bucs coach Greg Schiano tried all of those things Sunday. Not only do they help you win games, they have an impact on the team. I'm not saying Bucs players are going to erect a statue of Schiano in the locker room, but players like playing for guys who try gadgets such as those.

Most impressive number

3 It's an unofficial number, but that's how many times Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon estimates he was hit Sunday. Two came on sacks, which Glennon said were his fault. As impressive as the offensive line was to pave the way for 186 rushing yards, this number is even more remarkable. And maybe it's not a coincidence three also was the number of incompletions Glennon had.

Best drive

The best drive of the day ended with a missed field goal. Even with a 24-6 lead, the ball on their 20 and only 56 seconds left in the first half, coach Greg Schiano did not run out the clock. He pushed for another score, showing confidence in Mike Glennon and his offense. Rian Lindell missed a 55-yarder, but at least the Bucs showed some courage.

Three things that popped into my head

1. What in the world has happened to the Falcons? This team was supposed to make a Super Bowl run, but games like Sunday's and a 2-8 record make you wonder if some sort of major change is in order.

2. Exactly how many personal fouls for blows to the head does Bucs safety Dashon Goldson have to get before he gets it through his skull that you can't play that way anymore? Whatever the number is, he has exceeded it.

3. How can anyone question the play of Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy? He's an elite player and deserves another Pro Bowl selection if he continues to play (and lead) the way he has.

Final thought

The Bucs are blowing their spot in the draft. But Sundays are a whole more interesting to watch when they play like this, aren't they?