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Welcome to College Football Chaos Week: Tuesday edition

President Donald Trump said football would be making a 'tragic mistake' by not playing. Meanwhile, the Big Ten and Pac-12 could announce plans today.
College football is on the second day of what could be its craziest week ever.
College football is on the second day of what could be its craziest week ever. [ TAMPA BAY TIMES ]
Published Aug. 11, 2020
Updated Aug. 11, 2020

Welcome to Tuesday of College Football Chaos Week. Not a catchy name, I know. We’ll keep workshopping it.

To catch you up on Monday, in three sentences: Several high-profile players started another social media push to play this season. One conference (the Mountain West) announced it won’t play football this fall, while another (the Big Ten) is likely headed that way, too. And that led to another social media push from players and coaches about trying to stage the season, with President Donald Trump weighing in.

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Trump continued to express his support of a season amidst the coronavirus pandemic Tuesday morning in an interview with Clay Travis on Fox Sports Radio.

“These football players are very young, strong people, physically,” Trump said. “They’re physically in extraordinary shape. They’re not going to have a problem … I think football’s making a tragic mistake.”

Before 10 a.m. today, there was more news. UMass, an independent program, has called off its season. “The continuing challenges surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic posed too great of a risk, and we reached the conclusion that attempting to play a season would not have placed the members of our program in the safest situation possible,” athletic director Ryan Bamford said. That means two leagues (the Mid-American Conference and the Mountain West) are out, as are three other schools (UMass, UConn and Old Dominion).

Things remain fluid and, in perfect college football fashion, unpredictable. But here’s what we anticipate to happen today.

The Big Ten’s presidents are expected to meet this morning to discuss the conference’s options. That could mean canceling the fall season, postponing it, doing nothing or something else entirely. But some clarity should be coming, we think. Probably.

The Pac-12′s presidents and chancellors are also expected to meet today with similar options and, perhaps, the same resolution.

Meanwhile, the SEC doesn’t seem to be budging from its Sept. 26 kickoff plans, and the ACC is likely pushing ahead as well.

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Stay tuned.