Lightning Nuts & Bolts: Brian Boyle gets NCAA tourney bragging rights; you, too, can have a Ben Bishop T-shirt

Published March 27, 2016

Short shift w/C Brian Boyle

Best meal you can make: I can make a lot of meals. I make a few different breakfasts. But probably my dinner time, beef tenderloin, some veggies. I make a pretty decent steak.

Favorite children's TV show (for son Declan): Alvin and the Chipmunks. It's a new one, but I can stand it.

Favorite other TV show: Friends. You got Game of Thrones; that's probably my best ever. But Friends is part of my childhood.

You met Friends actor Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing), right? Yes I did. I just said hi to him for five minutes at a restaurant. I was kind of star struck.

Did he recognize you? I don't think so.

Top vacation spot: I used to always go to this place in New Hampshire, Mount Washington. That's close to the heart.

Best Tampa restaurant: We got to Eddie V's a lot. I do like the Green Lemon.

Your first job? I answered phones for the priests at the church. Then did recreation camp.

Bragging rights

C Brian Boyle (Boston College) and LW Alex Killorn (Harvard) filmed an entertaining segment Friday morning that was scheduled to play during the ESPN broadcast of Friday's NCAA Tournament game between the Eagles and Crimson. It took a few takes, with each trading barbs. Killorn said Harvard had smarter and "better-looking" players. Boyle popped back with a subtle jab, telling the Eagles to bring another championship back to Chestnut. Boyle said he tries to follow Boston College hockey on Twitter, though it's hard to catch games during the season. Boyle's team came out on top, beating Harvard 4-1. The Frozen Four is at Amalie Arena on April 7 and 9.

The missing mask

Former Lightning G Mathieu Garon was reunited with his long-lost mask last week through eBay. Garon, who was in Tampa Bay from 2011-13, had a customized mask stolen while he was with the Kings (2005-07). A decade later, he spotted it on eBay and put his discovery on Twitter: "I remember having a mask stolen from me when I played for the @LAKings. I guess someone found it!" The seller responded on Twitter, apologizing and saying he didn't know the mask had been stolen and that he had bought it from someone else. Garon was a good sport about it, replying that he'd be open to signing the mask if that would help it sell.

T-shirt time

After G Ben Bishop shut out the Coyotes 2-0 on March 19 in Arizona, captain Steven Stamkos wore a Ben Bishop T-shirt from the goalie's website on the flight home (above). Stamkos isn't the only teammate to don a Bishop shirt this the season. Fans who want a Bishop tee can get one at