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New Yorkers react to the Marty St. Louis-Ryan Callahan trade

Published Mar. 5, 2014

New Yorkers react to the Marty St. Louis-Ryan Callahan trade:

"St. Louis is 38 years old. So, I'd rather have kept Cally and kept the draft picks. With the draft picks, either draft young players or trade them for a younger player.''

"We should never give Callahan that money, disagree that Callahan will get that money, you will see we won't, and Callahan is getting advice from his agent, and it is not good advice either, wait until he signs for 6 years and 5 mil with Buffalo in the offseason. He is not getting 6 years/6 mil per, no way.''

"Callahan and a 1st and 2nd, and if they make the conference finals, two firsts, this for a player that is 37 years old, and I have people saying it was the best Sather could do. If he did nothing, it would have been much better. We could have signed a player with the $5.5 million in savings Callahan freed up. It is not what you want to do, but it is not killing the team in the future.''

"This move screams of "shiny." I don't like it. And I will root like hell that the Rangers can win the Cup with MSL but I'll also be here in June to remind folks of my steadfast opposition to this move, whether I am eating crow or otherwise.''

"I don't like the deal primarily because they aren't good enough to win right now. So, in my opinion, the 2 picks are more valuable to the team than a 38 year old veteran, regardless of how good, for a little over a year.''



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