Dock Talk: Kenan Thompson, as Big Papi, predicts Lightning win the Stanley Cup

Anthony Cirelli clears up why he wore jeans on a jet ski. How Kevin Shattenkirk sparked a fight between Alex Killorn and his dad.
Kenan Thompson makes an appearance on Alex Killorn's live Instagram show, Dock Talk.
Kenan Thompson makes an appearance on Alex Killorn's live Instagram show, Dock Talk. [ ALEX KILLORN | Instagram ]
Published July 10, 2020

TAMPA — Kenan Thompson works in New York and plays in Tampa, so after Alex Killorn posted a video parodying D2: The Mighty Ducks, Thompson’s first movie, the actor wanted in on the action. He hopped on a Sea-Doo and joined Friday night’s season finale of Alex Killorn’s Dock Talk on Instagram Live.

Killorn, who watched D2 again recently as “research,” pointed out that Thompson might have been the original trash talker in hockey.

“I mean that one line, what did you say,” Killorn said. “Goldberg — ”

“If that was a cheeseburger, you’d stop it,” Thompson jumped in without pause.

Impressions are a staple of any Saturday Night Live actor. Killorn took advantage of Kenan Thompson’s David Ortiz voice.

Killorn, who went to school in Boston, asked Thompson, as Big Papi, to define hockey terms like icing — “You know, icing, it’s like the little cup you get with the snow cone in it, and the cherry on top? Icing, man” — and bender (a chirp for people whose ankles bend on skates) — “Oh, I know what a bender is, man. It takes way too long to get back in good with your wife.”

Killorn finished with one final question: Who does Big Papi think is going to win the Stanley Cup.

“The Tampa Bay Lightning, man!” Thompson/Ortiz said. “We got redemption coming.”

Killorn also visited with teammates Anthony Cirelli and Kevin Shattenkirk. Cirelli was featured in the Mighty Ducks parody as a waiter and hopped on a Sea-Doo in jeans. He’s been hearing about it ever since. So Cirelli, playing a server at American Social, where employees are required to wear jeans, took the opportunity to clear things up.

“If that was just me and Killer just going out, I’d wear a bathing suit and jump in,” Cirelli said. “But for the part that I played, in my role as that character, I wanted to be in full mode.”

Shattenkirk, who went to Boston University, shared a story of scoring on Killorn, who played at Harvard, in the Beanpot Tournament and how Killorn’s father was less than impressed.

“It’s really strange because Killer is one of our best penalty kill guys,” Shattenkirk said. “He came out to block a shot and I absolutely walked him.”

Later, when Killorn and his father watched the replay, Matt Killorn laughed and quipped, “nice defensive play, Alex.” Killorn said he lost it, that he was “a little sensitive back then.”