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Hubert Mizell: A number of memories

Portrait of Hubert Mizell from 2001. [Times files]

When longtime St. Petersburg Times sports columnist Hubert Mizell retired, the paper published a section on May 20, 2001, that included some of his statistics and highlights commemorating his career:

Major events covered

42 College football bowl games

33 Masters golf tournaments

32 Final Fours

31 Super Bowls

16 World Series

12 U.S. Opens (golf)

12 Kentucky Derbies

9 PGA Championships

8 Wimbledons

6 British Opens

6 Summer Olympics (Munich, Montreal, Los Angeles, Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta)

4 Winter Olympics (Lake Placid, Sarajevo, Calgary, Albertville)

3 U.S. Opens (tennis)

3 Indianapolis 500s

3 Ryder Cups

1 World Cup (soccer)

1 Evel Knievel near-jump of Snake River Canyon in Idaho

Favorite college football settings

1. Notre Dame



4.Florida State

5.Ohio State



8.North Carolina

9.Georgia Tech

10.Penn State

Favorite (and highly quotable) athletes with whom to deal

1.Arnold Palmer

2.Steve Young

3.Pete Maravich

4.Jack Nicklaus

5.Magic Johnson

6.Martina Navratilova

7.Richard Petty

8.Warren Sapp

9.Nick Price

10.John Lynch

Most honorable athletes he knew

1.Lee Roy Selmon

2.Nancy Lopez

3.Tony Dungy

4.Archie Manning

5.Arthur Ashe

6.John Lynch

7.Danny Wuerffel

8.Shane Battier

9.Cal Ripken Jr.

10.Steve Young

Stadiums in which he least enjoyed working, because of weather, comfort or locale

1.RFK, Washington

2.Patriots, Foxborough, Mass.

3.Shea, New York

4.Yankee, New York

5.Tiger, Detroit

Most mesmerizing interviews

1.Muhammad Ali

2.Bobby Jones

3.Jackie Robinson

4.Joe DiMaggio

5.Red Grange

6.Charles Atlas

7.Jesse Owens

20 highest-impact athletes

1.Muhammad Ali

2.Jackie Robinson

3.Billie Jean King

4.Michael Jordan

5.Tiger Woods


7.Wayne Gretzky

8.Joe DiMaggio

9.Arthur Ashe

10.Arnold Palmer

11.Jack Nicklaus

12.Richard Petty

13.Jim Brown

14.Martina Navratilova

15.Magic Johnson

16.Larry Bird

17.Joe Montana

18.Carl Lewis

19.Jesse Owens

20.Bob Knight

Favorite sportscasters

1. Pat Summerall

2.Jim McKay

3.Bob Costas

4.Jack Whitaker

5.Howard Cosell

6.Jack Buck

7.Vin Scully

8.Chris Berman

9.Lindsey Nelson

10.Dick Vitale