Captain’s Corner: Fishing continues to be hot as area mostly avoids Red Tide so far

Published September 1, 2018
Updated September 1, 2018

We continue to be spared of Red Tide. While it has moved north a bit, itís still way offshore. I expect it to stay there with the constant southeast winds. Monday and Tuesday look to be wet days as a subtropical wave of rain moves through our area. This will also help keep Red Tide offshore. Iím on the water almost every day and have yet to see any sign of it in Pinellas County. Bait has been easy to get, and fishing continues to be hot. The hot bite now is redfish. There are big schools all over St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay. Most of the redfish schools are all over slot fish, but there are still plenty of slot fish mixed in with them. It might take a couple of days for them to get comfortable again. These fish saw a lot of pressure over the Labor Day weekend. Each redfish school might act differently than the other. Some might chase live scaled sardines, some might want cut pinfish. The key: be prepared with all types of bait. Remember not to push the fish around, patience is key. Once they get comfortable and start belly-rolling, youíre in business. Snook season is open, and the bite has been really good most of August. I expect that to continue through the rest of the year. I find that the 20- to 25-inch fish are more aggressive and usually will beat the bigger fish to the bait. Cut bait works well for these bigger, lazy fish.


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