Venezuelan Little Leaguer spawns imitators with unusual batting stance

Tributes spanned the gamut from the Cleveland Indians’ Yasiel Puig to serial mimic Batting Stance Guy.
Published Aug. 19, 2019|Updated Aug. 19, 2019

He was in a tighter crouch than the catcher positioned behind him. The top of his helmet was nearly even with the catcher’s mitt. His backside was resting on the backs of his shoes.

Sit down on a curb, and you still might not be as close to the ground as Venezuela’s Deivis Ordonez was during an at-bat this past weekend at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Penn.

Batting in the fifth inning Saturday against Australia, the 5-foot, 80-pound Ordonez squatted down into one of the most unusual stances baseball has ever seen. Whether his intention was to shrink his strike zone or unnerve the pitcher is uncertain.

It lasted for only one pitch, as Ordonez, 12, backed away from a ball thrown over the plate for a strike.

But that didn’t spoil the fun for Ordonez.

After raising back up into his normal stance for the next pitch, he reached base on a bunt and then entertained fans with a celebratory dance after crossing the plate later in the inning.

It was one of two runs Venezuela scored in a 2-0 victory.

Ordonez’s stance was an instant hit on social media and spawned a litany of imitators.

The most prominent was Cleveland Indians slugger Yasiel Puig, who ducked down before straightening up while taking a strike from the Yankees’ CC Sabathia on Sunday.

And the stance received the ultimate compliment, a tribute from serial imitator Batting Stance Guy.