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Rays take issue with MLB’s non-reversal of replay challenge

They’re not sure how the safe call on Nick Solak in the 11th wasn’t overturned upon review.
Here is the play as shown on video by the official @MLBReplays Twitter account, with Rays 1B Ji-Man Choi making the stretch. [Twitter] [Twitter]
Here is the play as shown on video by the official @MLBReplays Twitter account, with Rays 1B Ji-Man Choi making the stretch. [Twitter] [Twitter]

ARLINGTON, Texas — The Rays had plenty of reason to be happy about Tuesday’s 5-3 11-inning win over the Rangers.

And one seemingly legit reason to be upset.

Specifically, the MLB replay crew’s decision to not overturn what the Rays saw as a blatantly bad call on what would have been the final out of the game. They wanted Matt Duffy throwing out Nick Solak to be turned into what creatively could have been called a replay reversal walkoff.

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Instead the crew in New York decided the call “stands” — meaning they didn’t have a definitive view to overturn it — and the Rays had to get one more out for the win.

Several Rays players and staff were grumbling about the call.

"He was clearly out,'' shortstop Willy Adames said. "I was like, What? I don’t know what they were doing.''

Pitcher Pete Fairbanks, who had a good view, offered a complex answer with a simple conclusion.

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"That’s not my job to decide,'' Fairbanks said. "I don’t trust the people in New York, I’ll tell you that much. They’re almost as bad as the (NHL) people in Toronto that didn’t call the hand pass from the Sharks against the Blues. I have a distinct distrust of video replay. Maybe that stems from the fact I went to Mizzou, and they’ve gotten screwed more times than you can count.''

Fairbanks said his challenge at that point was to refocus and get the final out, which he did.

This is the second time in recent weeks — the other involving Tommy Pham being initially called out when replays seemed to show he was safe — that the Rays had taken issue with a call not going the way they felt the video showed.

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