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Rays will cover Chaim Bloom’s duties from within

Peter Bendix is promoted to vice president, with James Click and Carlos Rodriguez forming a trio of executives under general manager Erik Neander.
The Rays' James Click, left, Peter Bendix, center, and Carlos Rodriguez will all help absorb the responsibilities of Chaim Bloom, now with the Red Sox.
The Rays' James Click, left, Peter Bendix, center, and Carlos Rodriguez will all help absorb the responsibilities of Chaim Bloom, now with the Red Sox. [ TAMPA BAY RAYS | Special to the Times ]
Published Oct. 28, 2019
Updated Oct. 29, 2019

ST. PETERSBURG — Chaim Bloom had numerous responsibilities as a senior vice president with the Rays, and now that he has left for the Red Sox his duties will be assumed by several other executives.

Rather than replace Bloom directly, the Rays will have a trio of executives, all with VP titles, working under senior VP/general manager Erik Neander.

Peter Bendix, 34, is being promoted from director of baseball development to join Carlos Rodriguez, who was recently promoted to VP of player development and international scouting, and James Click, who has been VP of baseball operations for the last three seasons.

Bendix has been the Rays director of baseball development since December 2015, serving essentially as a liaison between the research and development department and the rest of the organization. He started as an intern in 2009.

"He’s been a mainstay in our baseball operations group for some time now,'' Neander said. "In many respects he serves as a bridge or a conduit between our research and development concepts and a variety of other perspectives in our operation, a communicator of information really in all directions. That’s invaluable to us as we continue to grow and expand and pursue new knowledge. So that’s been a big part of his role.

"With respect to our major-league team, our player processing, the decision making that exists there, Pete has taken on more and more in that area over the last couple of years. Really, really confident with the work that he’s done, and he has been as influential in constructing our major-league roster as anybody here. More a continuation of the good work he’s done, and a recognition for that.''

Rodriguez, 37, was promoted last month from director of international scouting to the new position that also puts him over player development. Rodriguez, in his eighth year with the Rays, started with the Rays as a scout, then moved up to director of Latin American scouting and international scouting. He previously worked as a scout for the Blue Jays. He is a native of Puerto Rico and a graduate of the University of North Florida, with dual degrees in international business and economics.

Click, 41, joined the Rays in 2006 as coordinator of baseball operations, then moved up to director of baseball research and development then to director of baseball operations and then to VP of baseball operations. He is involved in a variety of areas including r and d, systems, clubhouse operations and logistics, and also assists with player evaluation, contract negotiations, staff management and roster configuration and deployment.