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Getting to know USF’s top quarterback candidates

A brief Q&A with Bulls redshirt sophomore Chris Oladokun and redshirt junior Brett Kean
OCTAVIO JONES   |   Times 
USF quarterbacks Chris Oladokun (10) and Brett Kean (7) throw to receivers during a 2017 spring practice on campus.
OCTAVIO JONES | Times USF quarterbacks Chris Oladokun (10) and Brett Kean (7) throw to receivers during a 2017 spring practice on campus.
Published Mar. 27, 2018

For the first time this spring, USF quarterbacks Brett Kean and Chris Oladokun — the top contenders to replace three-year starter Quinton Flowers — were made available to reporters. During the brief session, we were able to unearth a bit more more about what makes each of them tick, and salivate.

What would you say is your biggest strength as a football player?
CO: "Really just being elusive, being outside the pocket. I talk to (Flowers) all the time, and you guys have watched him for four years. When stuff breaks down, he's able to get outside the pocket and make throws downfield, be able to use his legs to get first downs. So I really feel like that's a strong part of my game, and I'm even just continuing to get better with that too. I've talked to him on just making people miss in one-on-one situations and things like that, when to know when to run the ball and when not to run the ball."

BK: "Honestly, what I'm working on is everything right now. I have a lot to prove, a lot to work on. What I thought was my best maybe during practice, just getting more live reps, you work on everything. So I think we're both pretty new to the who live reps every day. Last year, you didn't get as many live reps throughout the week, and you just work on everything right now."

What is the most significant thing you learned from watching or just being a teammate of Quinton?
CO: "He's a leader. With being a leader, that takes time. His play on the field just shows for itself. He walks in the locker room, everyone has respect for him. Coaches, water girls, trainers — everyone has his respect. He tells me all the time (to) just lead. If you're a leader, your teammates are gonna respond well to you."

BK: "Quinton is so hard to copy what he does on the field; not many people can do that. So what I personally try to do is just watch his intangibles. Watch how he reacts to maybe negative plays, or watch how he reacts to good plays, watch his leadership skills, watch him battle through adversity and stuff like that. And I try to bring that into my own game."

Who was your favorite player growing up?
CO: "Michael Vick. You see Michael Vick and the things he was able to do. I just remember playing Madden when I was little, I'm a Bucs fan but I'd pick the Falcons just because I could run around there with Vick and throw the ball 60 yards downfield."

BK: "Growing up, I'm a big Eagles fan. I was always watching the Eagles, so I loved Donovan McNabb growing up. But I think throughout the years I've really turned into a Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers fan. I love how Aaron Rodgers plays the game. I think he's probably the most talented quarterback ever."

Any significance to your jersey number (Oladokun wears No. 10, Kean No. 7)
CO: "Honestly, I wore No. 8 growing up originally when I played baseball, basketball and football. … And then I switched little league teams (from the Tampa Bay Youth Football League's Northside Dolphins to the Town 'N Country Packers) and I saw 10 and I was like, 'Oh that looks like a cool number,' so I sort of just stuck with it. … In high school I sort of switched it up a little bit, and when I decided to (go) to college, I sort of decided to get back to my roots in little league and just have fun."

BK: "Not really. Growing up I was No. 4, I loved the No. 4. I got to high school and I was 18 for my first two years and then 7's what they had, so I went with 7."

If you were limited to the same pregame meal for the rest of your career, what would it be?
CO: "Chick-fil-A. You can't go wrong with Chick-fil-A. I eat Chick-fil-A probably three to four times a week, just because it's so good. Breakfast, lunch, anything. If I could stick with that as a pregame meal I think I'd do all right."

BK: "Probably a nice meal from Fresh Kitchen down in SoHo. That's a good spot. … Probably just a little bowl, steak and barbecue chicken, some broccoli and some mushrooms."