A closer look at USF’s on-campus stadium survey

The electronic survey was e-mailed to a number of USF constituents including students, alumni, boosters, faculty members and fans
A rendering of what a football stadium at USF could look like. [Courtesy of USF]
A rendering of what a football stadium at USF could look like. [Courtesy of USF]
Published April 17, 2018|Updated April 17, 2018

USF e-mailed its survey regarding an on-campus football stadium to a wide array of constituents Tuesday, with questions ranging from how often respondents attend home games to how they feel about an indoor practice facility.

A copy of the survey, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, was obtained by the Tampa Bay Times. It represents the next phase in USF's sprawling feasibility study exploring the possibility of an on-campus stadium (OCS).

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Those receiving the electronic survey included students, alumni, USF faculty and staff members, boosters and fans who previously have purchased tickets to Bulls games.

Initial questions ask how many USF home games a respondent normally attends, where they sit, and whether they purchase season tickets for any other college or pro sports team in the area.

The first multi-part question asks respondents how much they agree with the following statements (With 1 being "Disagree Completely" and 7 being "Completely Agree")

• A new on-campus football stadium would entice me to visit USF campus more often than I do today.

• I feel a new on-campus football stadium will enhance the collegiate experience for current and future USF students.

• I believe having a new on-campus football stadium will elevate the national profile of USF.

• A new on-campus football stadium will allow USF to be more selective in their enrollment.

• The construction of a new on-campus football stadium will be a tremendous asset for future recruits.

• A new on-campus football stadium will increase fundraising across all University departments.

•  I believe a new on-campus football stadium will engage more alumni with USF as compared to today.

• A new on-campus football stadium will position USF to be an attractive program in future conference realignment discussions.

• A new on-campus football stadium will increase student enrollment at USF.

Ensuing questions ask how many games a respondent would attend, and how many tickets they likely would buy, in a new OCS. They also are asked to rate the importance of several OCS design features including in-stadium WiFi, wider concourses, a children's play area and designated tailgating spaces.

Later questions ask if respondents are aware of USF's campaign to build a $40 million, 83-square-foot football-exclusive facility; their attitude toward the project (ranging from "very positive" to "very negative"); and whether respondents would consider donating toward the project.

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The survey data is expected to be completed later this spring. The initial phase of the study, released last August, estimated the cost of an OCS would be $200 million. At that point, two primary potential locations were identified, both bordering Fowler Avenue.