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St. Petersburg prepares for weekend storms

It hasn't been a easy month for St. Petersburg wastewater workers. Or for their bosses.

Bu long hours spent frantically trying to find room in the 56-million-gallon system don't look to end anytime soon. A stormy forecast for the weekend has put the city on alert.

The city has freed up 15 million more gallons of capacity, but injecting reclaimed water into deep wells. And other steps are being taken, too.

Here are some details about the preparation from Mayor Rick Kriseman's spokesman Ben Kirby.

"We have increased storage capacity in storage tanks, process tanks and collection system in addition to increased pumping capacity. The 5 and 10 million gallon storage tanks are both empty and available for use should plant flows exceed what can be disposed of in the wells and the reclaim system.

Staff are on call throughout the weekend from our Water Department. We will continue to monitor the levels in the three main lift stations that feed the Southwest Water Reclamation Facility," Kirby wrote in an email Friday.