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Girl on a mission: Young entrepreneur wants to make a difference

When she was 5 years old, Willow Wolf met Two Hangry Chicks.

Almost immediately, the girl from St. Petersburg connected with their mission: to donate food and develop a culture of helping the community.

On her next birthday, she asked family and friends to donate money to Two Hangry Chicks instead of giving her gifts. She raised over $200. Her fundraising for the organization grew to include selling lemonade and jewelry. And one time, she raised almost $100 by telling mermaid stories while on a river vacation.

"Willow has gone to crazy, crazy extents to raise money for them," said her mother, Lissa Wolf. "She's never done anything for herself."

This year, she spent the day before Mother's Day selling homemade bath scrubs, with some of the profit going to the Chicks.

Willow, now 11, has developed a small business over the past year. Wolf Scrubs are made with all-natural ingredients: epsom salt, various oils and pigment. She also makes "beard oils and balms," which were inspired by her father. Products range in price from $2 to $10.

"It wasn't necessarily about the money in the business, or making a profit," Willow said. "It was about knowing that I could have made someone's day better or put a smile on their face."

In the future, Willow imagines becoming a gastrointestinal surgeon, because her mother has dealt with so many health issues.

"For all my life, I've always been inspired by her — of course, my dad, too — but definitely my mom," Willow said. "She's really creative and fun. For one, she has always had businesses. She's a photographer. She started making rainbow catchers."

Wolf said her daughter "just has that heart and soul" to make sure everyone is happy.

"That's just how she sees the world."

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