1. Florida

State Board of Education member Bradshaw resigns early

Florida Board of Education member Sally Bradshaw has resigned her position with just more than two months remaining on her term.

Bradshaw, a former chief of staff to Jeb Bush, will not attend Tuesday's meeting in Tampa, where the board is scheduled to take actions relating to Gov. Rick Scott's executive order on standards. The board also is supposed to consider extending its "safety net" on school grades, a step that Bradshaw originally opposed as misleading.

Bradshaw did not state her opposition to the board's stance on school grading in her resignation letter, which takes effect immediately. She cited family obligations as her reason for leaving the board now, instead of when her term expires at the end of December. (See letter here.)

Scott has not yet announced a replacement to Bradshaw, who could have sought reappointment. He has named a new member to take the spot of Kathleen Shanahan, another former Bush chief of staff whose term also ends in December. Shanahan, who has been a vocal critic of the board and department lately, has not indicated she will leave early. She has served two full terms and was not eligible for reappointment.