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  1. Florida

States need updated rules for online testing security, ACT advises

As Florida and other states continue to migrate to computerized testing, they need to make sure their test security requirements match the new format, the ACT recommends.

The testing organization's research division notes in a new white paper that rules set for paper and pencil exams don't necessarily fit the new technology:

"Computerized test administration, however, introduces its own test security risks. A panelist at the NCES symposium highlighted that 'shifting to a new assessment delivery model such as a computer delivered or even computer adaptive testing does not make cheating and test piracy go away. They merely take a different form.'"

In Florida, for instance, the report notes the need for more specificity:

"Some manuals only contain very general test security provisions that do not address computer administration. Instead, relevant test security information is included throughout the manual. For example, in Florida the test security portion of the manual refers to "secure materials" but does not define what other materials are secure other than test and answer books. One has to read the of the manual to discover that used work folders, student authorization tickets, and session rosters are also required to be secure."

The group offers three suggestions for improvement -- updated statutes, controlled access to tests and updated manuals. Read the entire white paper for more.