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Steve Perry leads Giants crowd in singing 'Don't Stop Believin''

Former Journey frontman Steve Perry led the crowd at Monday's Giants-Nationals game in singing along to the Journey hit Don't Stop Believin', the '80s anthem that has been adopted as a theme song for the San Fran baseball club.

Perry is a longtime Giants fan, having grown up near San Francisco (and with Journey being based there).

It's a song that's always been close to Perry's heart, though when the song was recorded in the early '80s, Perry says the band had no idea it'd be such a long-lasting hit.

"We couldn't have said back then, 'Hey, gee whiz, in 2011, Don't Stop Believin' is going to be the one.' They all felt like they were in that category because we loved them all the same," Perry told me in a previous interview. "But, you know, the world chooses what it chooses, and time does what it does."

Listen to my full interview with Steve Perry here.