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Style by sign? This Libra is a believer

Published Oct. 7, 2014

This afternoon, the internet read me like a book. Or rather, a tweet read me like a ... oh, whatever. Just look:

Your closet floor is a MESS, and 7 more style signs you're a Libra:

I have to admit, when I first saw this tweet, I rolled my eyes. But guys. GUYS. The statements in this fun little post were all me. So on point, in fact, that I started messaging all my friends. (Hey, I can't help it. Libras are social; deal with it.)

For all my fellow Libras, tell me if this doesn't sound familiar:

You love statement pieces and staple basics (yup).

You have lots of blue in your closet (ugh, don't remind me).

Some might describe said closet as erratic -- er, messy, if you're my mother (we personally prefer the term "creative," but whatever. We always clean it up eventually.)

You love options and as such, will weigh yours until you find the right piece -- at 70 percent off, of course (yasss.)

And on and on and one. Click here for more.

Who knew getting a fashion diagnosis was so fun -- and spot on. Glamour, if you're listening, direct us to some more of these! We found this one for Cancers and this one for Geminis like Deal Diva Stephanie (she too confirms it's all true), but we need, nay, demand, the rest of the signs.