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Summer trend: Step out with metallics

For weeks, metallic heels, sandals, flats and wedges have glared out at me from the Internets.

You know how it goes with shiny things. You can't look away. You just think, I want that. No more questions.

Truthfully, I don't know how I even looked away long enough to write this post. (It's probably because I'm on a shoe moratorium at the moment.)

The trend hit me in March as I shopped online for summer dresses to wear to weddings. What stood out was not the array of pretty frocks but the shiny silver pumps on each model's foot. You can see what I'm talking about in the first slide. Pretty.

But you don't have to be all dressed up to wear this trend!

Gold and silver metallics work like a neutral. As Piperlime reminded me this morning, a pair of sandals or flats with a touch of metal can dress up a look as simple as jeans and a black tee.

What say you? Ready to scoop up some summer shine?