Published March 10, 2014

Good morning. It's Monday, March 10, 2014.

Y'all've been reading the trauma centers investigation by Alex Zayas and Letitia Stein in the Times the last two days? Shocking? Maybe. Disgraceful? Definitely. "It's a bad society we live in ..."

The quote of the morning? It's in Lisa Gartner's piece on 1A about math textbooks and Common Core. "We've actually gotten a lot of feedback from parents, regarding how difficult the K-5 math is."

Earlier this month, in his state of the state, Rick Scott said, "We have invested record funding in protecting our environment." That's a lie.

Scott should be the governor of Walt Disney World, not Florida, says Jacksonville's Ron Littlepage.

Florida: No. 50 of 50.

Weston Phippen watched a photographer from Ann Arbor take pictures around St. Pete of a naked Maddie Kaye.

The mobile home of a man named Animal Kidd: torched. A Treasure Island transient after he attacked a bar worker's parrot: arrested.

To keep the state's schools safe? More guns!

And Hampton? It's as if @Florida_Man ran an entire town.