1. Florida Politics


Good morning. It's Monday, April 7, 2014.

Let's start with Air Scott:

TALLAHASSEE — The first campaign promise Gov. Rick Scott kept allows him to travel with the privacy and luxury of a CEO while living in the fishbowl of public office.

As a candidate in 2010, Scott said it was a waste of money for Florida to have two airplanes for official travel, so he replaced them with a private jet at his expense.

The switch has saved taxpayers a lot of money, but how much is a mystery: No public airplane means no public records.

Stay in Tallahassee. The Florida Legislature has passed the halfway point of its 60-day legislative session and the fruits of its labor can be summed up in two words: election year. Click.

Palm Harbor's David Lovejoy in today's letters to the editor: Am I the only person who sees a problem with someone firing a warning shot? Where is the person who feels threatened going to fire the shot? My guess would be into the air just like all those idiots who do that on the Fourth of July. So now we will all have to wear bulletproof helmets year round. Let's hear it for our NRA-controlled legislators.

Marco Rubio says Obamacare fell short of its signup goal. PolitiFact Florida says that's mostly false.

The Sun-Sentinel: Few parts of the United States are as vulnerable to sea level rise as South Florida. As the water level rises in the coming years and decades, the impact will dramatically change South Florida's landscape. Last month on The State You're In: What the world's rising seas will mean for Florida.

The column by Slate's Emily Bazelon from Friday afternoon that ran in today's tbt*: FSU Charges Jameis Winston's Friends But Not Winston. That Is So Messed Up. Last November in Tallahassee.

Where do Florida's lawmakers stand on trauma fees? The Times is asking them.

Like blueberries?