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Good morning. It's Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

Emily Bazelon's Slate column on Jameis Winston that I pointed to in yesterday's Sunshine — FSU Charges Jameis Winston's Friends But Not Winston. That Is So Messed Up. — ran in today's Times.

The Times' editorial board also weighed in: The actions of the university and the police send the wrong message to college students who may now be discouraged from reporting alleged crimes if they involve sports stars or other prominent people. Football and national titles are important, but not at the expense of fairness and justice. On these counts, FSU and the Tallahassee police have failed.

Meanwhile, as Georgia is sure to learn, Dan Ruth wrote today on 7A, when it comes to dippy gun laws you have to get up plenty early to out-Bubba Florida.

This is why women everywhere strut with confidence?

The Times' Dan DeWitt: Since 2000, the number of fatal crashes per registered motorcycle has increased by 21 percent, according to the state-funded website, "suggesting motorcyclists without helmets are more likely to suffer serious and fatal injuries." It's stupid to not wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

Remember Rebecca Sedwick, the 12-year-old Lakeland girl who killed herself last year, apparently because of bullying? It probably wasn't because of bullying.

Interesting. This Times editorial on Rick Scott and his "soulless approach to governing" that's "turning the Sunshine State into a cold-hearted place" is almost a month and a half old — but it's clearly making the rounds again. It's the most popular current piece on