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  1. USF Bulls


Good morning. It's Wednesday, April 8, 2014.

I say we start with Anna Phillips on mentally ill kid killer Julie Schenecker. Unsettling.

Dowd on Jeb: He would be running, after all, to lead a party he seems to disdain, a party that has become so fragmented and pulled to the right that it would rather lose the election than be led by someone as moderate as Jeb Bush.

Says here in 2012 Florida had the nation's 49th-longest wait times to vote.

But says here that Tampa ranks No. 75 out of 459 cities around the world for the number of selfies taken via Instagram. Miami? No. 3.

Fun first sentence from Tony Marrero: Do a better job getting me where I want to go.

Reports Laura C. Morel: A video of a topless woman vandalizing a McDonald's went viral Tuesday. The video on Gawker has sound.

Something about Kevin Bacon.

Which makes for a fine segue: He shares a surname with the pig in this new show about handicapped pets. There was something about it this morning in the New York Times.

UCF is considering requiring new students to have health insurance. Like lots of schools.

Apopka has a new mayor -- for the first time since 1949.

Here's how Tampa landed the Bollywood Oscars.

Apparently people in Florida love Yuengling.

Folks in the Keys? Skinny drunks.

Florida panthers keep getting hit and killed by cars.

The purchasing director for the city of Hialeah hid his meth pipe in his rectum, Fort Walton Beach has a law against against lying down in the park, and an Orlando-area atheist accused of attacking his roommate with a butter knife asked a judge for an attorney who also doesn't believe in God.

Scott Maxwell says Florida does weird the way Kansas does wheat.