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  1. Clearwater

Talking dog doo-doo in Clearwater

CLEARWATER -- An item recently appeared on the Clearwater City Council's agenda: "Pooper Scooper Ordinance."

It turns out that in Clearwater, you're not actually required to pick up your dog's poop. Mayor George Cretekos would like to change that.

"A couple of people have approached me about, why doesn't Clearwater have an ordinance that says you really are supposed to pick up after your pets when you walk them on public property or even on somebody else's private property," Cretekos said.

He asked the city attorney if other cities have such a law. Yes, she said. Lots of them do. St. Petersburg does, for instance. But Clearwater doesn't.

Elected officials were surprised by this.

"It seems like we've got to have this in our ordinances now," said City Council member Bill Jonson. "Do we not have anything?"

Nope, said City Attorney Pam Akin. "Believe me, I did the research."

City Council members were all for it, so the attorney will draft an ordinance for them to vote on.

"It is with very great displeasure when I happen to accidentally pass upon that in my yard," said Jay Polglaze.

"As an owner of two precious Yorkies, I support your ordinance," added Doreen Hock-DiPolito.