New X-Force Body fitness center opens in South Tampa

The new fitness center, at 4007 W Kennedy Boulevard, offers more intense workouts in less time.
Published June 13
Updated June 13

A new fitness center has come to town, but it's unlike the typical gym or typical workout.

At the new X-Force Body South Tampa at 4007 W Kennedy Boulevard, workouts are 30 minutes long twice a week.

"People think they need to be in the gym for hours but you don't," said Iliana Stoilova, X-Force co-founder and director.

"That's the misconception. Sweating is not a sign of a good workout. Sweating is a sign of dehydration."

Rather than making you sweat as you would from a typical cardio workout, X-Force focuses on strength and recovery to make its clients lean.

X-Force Body uses a technique known as negative training. It provide intense workouts by slowing down the lowering phase of a lift to a three to five second rep count to enhance fat burn.

During the lowering phase of the lift, X-Force fitness machines automatically increase the resistance by 40 percent using a tilting weight stack.

Trainers coach each guest individually through each of eight to 12 repetitions, and offer options for meals plans that are rich in carbohydrates and protein to encourage muscle growth.

Workouts cost $99 a week and occur either Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday to allow two days for rest and recovery.

On the first day, clients lift on seven of its 14 machines, and complete the remaining seven on day two. Then, within six weeks, clients can measure their results by taking a 3D scan that calculates their weight, body measurements, and lean and fat mass.

X-Force Body operates by appointment only from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.

X-Force currently has two other Florida locations, in Gainesville and Palm Harbor, with plans to open another location soon in St. Petersburg.

For more information visit or call (813) 284-5878.

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