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Tampa City Council aide submits her resignation a day after her 'cough' video went viral

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Published May 31, 2019

TAMPA — A day after a video circled the globe showing her either coughing or cough-cursing, Carrie Henriquez has resigned her position as a legislative aide to Tampa City Council member Guido Maniscalco.

Henriquez's lunch-hour resignation Thursday took Maniscalco by surprise. He said Henriquez mentioned the "insults" and internet commentary as part of the reason for her departure from a position she has held since shortly after Maniscalco was elected in 2015.

"That's social media," Maniscalco said. "She's decided to move on and that's it."

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Maniscalco said he was saddened by the decision. Henriquez had helped him serve his District 6 constituents well, he said.

Henriquez didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

Fox News and the United Kingdom's Daily Mail are among the international sites that picked up the Tampa Bay Times story since it first published Wednesday.

Many people who listened to the video attached to they story said they could hear Henriquez cough and utter a vulgarity referring to a body part when she passed behind City Council chairman Luis Viera at a May 23 meeting.

Others said they couldn't make it out.

Council member Bill Carlson, who was sitting a few feet away when Henriquez made the noise, said , "I didn't hear anything."

Viera beat Maniscalco earlier this month for the chairmanship of the City Council in Florida's third-largest city.

Henriquez, 42, made nearly $65,000 a year. She is married to Hillsborough County property appraiser Bob Henriquez.

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