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Illustrated homecoming dance, uh, dynamics

Published Oct. 9, 2013

We're pretty sure most of you know what the current dance moves you see on the homecoming floor are called. But just in case you weren't sure, or in case your homecoming police shut down the action, here's a little picture dictionary. We went with illustrations because, well, ahem, we couldn't find models to pose for the pictures. Though that does seem strange, when people do this stuff in public all the time.

The Grind The basic homecoming dance; hips-on-hips action, moving to the beat, nothing fancy. Sort of like twerking, but not solo.

The Jersey Turnpike

Originating from everybody's (?) favorite show Jersey Shore, the dance involves the girl's hands on the dance floor, with her hips in the air. With the exception of the hand position, it is still simple grinding, or twerking, which we're not showing, because Miley Cyrus already showed the world.

The Front

This one is rather self-explanatory. You start with basic grinding, and then the girl turns around to face her partner. The only key to success here is that the legs of the two dancers have to be interlocked, a challenge for those of us who are less coordinated.

The Grind Line

This comes in handy when one person is not enough. If you have a good number of grinding groups around you, it IS possible to combine all of these groups so that a gender-alternating line of grinders is created. This is also possible with a large group of girls, if the guys at the dance are particularly awkward or shy.

The Side-to-Side Another dance that sounds rather self-explanatory, but it can be quite hard to execute. If you want variety but do not feel like getting overly promiscuous, this is your dance. You start out in the basic grinding position, then the girl leans either left or right, and the guy goes the opposite way. Staying on the beat and doing this is more than a small challenge, but if you can pull it off, by all means go ahead.

The last two entries we leave to you to visualize. Imagine the grind line, with one less person, then imagine them moving side to side in the opposite direction.


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