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So you think you're a real nerd? See if you qualify

So you've watched a few episodes of Game of Thrones or Naruto and you think you're hot geek stuff huh? Sorry pal, you'll have to do a little more to earn the title of "Hardcore Nerd." In order to qualify as a real nerd, you'll have to have:

• Cried over at least five fictional deaths

• Mentioned characters in real-life conversations more than once

• Read at least two bad Harry Potter fan fictions

• Rage-quit two matches of Starcraft in the same hour

• Confused fictional characters with your classmates

• Lectured a little kid at a comic book store that he is totally wrong, Batman would beat Spider-Man any day

• Forgotten that Star Wars episodes I through III exist

• Marathoned every Lord of the Rings movie without bathroom breaks

• Watched, annotated and reviewed at least three seasons of classic Doctor Who on Netflix

• Beaten the high score for Galactica at your local arcade

• Stomped out of your anime club in rage for their shallow taste in mainstream anime

• Dared to watch (and secretly enjoyed) an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

• Written an essay in a website comment section on why Blade Runner is superior to Predator (and it definitely is)

• Sent in a minimum of five letters to Stan Lee complaining about a minor retcon to Captain America's shield design (It's made from Vibranium, not Americium, duh)

• Started an Internet flame war on Facebook, just for fun

• Designed, built and destroyed a replica of the starship Enterprise in Minecraft

• Dressed up as Optimus Prime for Halloween

• Downloaded a Studio Ghibli soundtrack to your iPod

• Hated The Big Bang Theory because you find it to be a gross misappropriation of nerd culture

• Angrily informed a friend/family member that the little molded chunk of plastic you just paid far too much for is a collectible figure, NOT a doll

• Wished Neil deGrasse Tyson was your science teacher