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Tent sale at The Shop in St. Pete through Wednesday

Deal Diva Lisa and I turned our lunch break into a spin through The Shop's big tent sale Wednesday.

This is the sale where normally pricey boutique clothes are marked down to $5, $10, $15 or $20 — what we in the biz refer to as "deals."

How'd we do? Let's just say we'll be making pasta at my house for a few more days (or weeks) to make up for the number of deals we unlocked. I scored a couple $15 dresses and a maxi skirt for an upcoming ~*~ CRUISE ~*~.

Lisa walked away with a sturdy, sexy and scalloped red dress (I liked that the sleeves were actual short sleeves, not caps) and a simple, swingy day dress for $20 and $10, respectively.

Both of us got talked into skinny "miracle belts" that were not on sale but will go with everything, okay? Can we go back to talking about how much we saved?

The tent sale runs through Wednesday. We're told they are putting out new markdowns each day.

As much as I'd like to verify that firsthand, my checking account says I am not allowed to go back.

What else is going on out there?