The forgotten Pete Townshend solo hit: 'A Friend Is A Friend'

Published Aug. 19, 2014

When you raise kids, you end up watching their shows and movies, which at times, can be monotonous. However, it also lets you enjoy movies you never would have thought to watch too. At the top of the list of kids movies I've seen over the years is The Iron Giant and today's Lost and Found is about Pete Townshend and the '80s origins of The Iron Giant.

By 1989, Pete Townshend had an established solo career away from The Who and decided his next project would be a concept music album adapting the 1968 Ted Hughes book The Iron Man in which Townshend played the part of the boy Hogarth. For the album The Iron Man: The Musical, Townshend created a video just for the song A Friend Is A Friend that shows his vision of what the Iron Man looked like.

The album was adapted for the stage and the musical fared well in the UK in the early '90s. By the late '90s, Warner Brothers saw a movie in the musical and although the details and title of the movie were changed, in 1999, the animated The Iron Giant was released. The feature was the first movie directed by Brad Bird, who would go on to win Oscars for his classics The Incredibles and Ratatouille. For his efforts, Townshend was given an executive producers credit for The Iron Giant.

For a band who once declared "I hope I die before I get old", The Who will celebrate their 50th year anniversary this year with a short tour of Ireland and the UK.