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The one abortion-ban exemption Marco Rubio supports

Marco Rubio's abortion views have been in the news since Thursday's debate and he's come down firmly in opposing exceptions for incest of rape. But less clear are cases where the mother's life is at risk.

The Florida Republican said on Meet the Press that the exemption "holds the highest validity" but he went on to suggest that modern medicine would eliminate most cases. "There's a debate about today, given modern medicine, whether there is any condition that only abortion could save a mother's life in a viable pregnancy."

A campaign spokesman, Alex Conant, said it was accurate to say Rubio does support an exception when a mother's life is at stake, though pointed to Rubio's belief that those instances are minimized by medical advances.

Rubio has supported legislation with all three exemptions, but has said that's only to further the cause of closing off access to abortion. Hillary Clinton has tried to call attention to Rubio's stance.